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Privacy Policy:

In case you send photos to the site, we suggest that you refrain from uploading icons introducing EXIF ​​tags of GPS data. Individuals exploring the site know how to capture location data from these images.

Content loaded from other sites:

The articles on this site may introduce loaded data (such as videos, photographs, articles, etc.). The content loaded from other sites behaves in the same way as if the user were visiting this third-party site. These websites could collect data about you, apply cookies, load external monitoring bodies, monitor your interventions with these data constituted if you have a space connected to their website.

How long will your data be stored:

If you save a comment, the comment and its metadata are retained forever. This process validates to automatically determine and prompt subsequent comments rather than dropping them in the moderator’s list. When accounts that appear on this site (if any), we also save the private data quoted in their private page. All individual spaces can act on their personal information at any time. Site managers also have the option of viewing and modifying this data.


If you submit a text on this site, the data given inside the form visible on the screen, as well as your IP address and the Internet user information of your browser are recorded with the aim of giving us the possibility of detecting prohibited words.

We apply the guidelines of the GDPR.
The rights you have over your data:

If you have a profile or if you have recorded texts on the site, you have the possibility of asking to collect a file containing all the private data that we hold about you, enclosing those that you have exposed to us. You also have the option of requesting the cancellation of personal data about you. This does not take into account data saved for management, legal or security purposes.


In cases where you upload text to the site, you will need to save your name, email address and site in cookies. This will only be for the purpose of your ease of use so as not to be forced to re-enter this data in the event that you record a new comment later. These cookies cease after a certain period. If you use the connection sheet, a temporary cookie will be activated in order to diagnose whether your navigation program accepts cookies. This function does not hide private data and will be removed when you close your terminal. When you access, we activate certain cookies with the aim of identifying your login data and your preferences for use. The lifespan of a connection cookie is 2 days, the life expectancy of a screen option cookie is of the order of a year. When you mention “Remember me”, the login cookie will persist for two weeks. If you close your personal space, the connection cookie will be erased. If you modify or publish a publication, an additional cookie will be stored in your navigation program. This cookie does not contain any secret information. It simply mentions the number of the post you just corrected. He died after a few hours.

Use and transmission of your private data:

If you request a purge of your password, your IP identifier will be recorded in the reset email.

Importing your personal information:

The texts of the guests can be checked with a robotic system for discovering intolerable comments.