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It’s true – the (former? Sort of?) US national team coach has accused one of his best friends of blackmailing him about a player’s playing time at the World Cup. We reached levels of madness in the US national team that I thought I would never see again after losing to Trinidad and Tobago, but clearly I had never met the Reynas and the Berhalters who had a soap opera in Reserve. I hope one day the USMNT will be isolated from the fury of soccer moms everywhere, but it’s proving harder than you can imagine. I have to say I’m not surprised, Gio Reyna’s mother could walk through a brick wall to get her message across and sometimes the world needs that, but I don’t think the US national team does. He also doesn’t need Gregg Berhalter so that’s fun. Lots of love, Zeeland ——————————————- — ————————————- Zeeland Play: TWITCH ► YOUTUBE ► — — ———————————————— — —————— Podcasts: 20 good minutes ► The Zeeland podcast ► History of the chair ► ————— —- ———————————————- —- ————– Zealand Stuff: MY FM SKIN ► INSTAGRAM ► TWITTER ► DISCORD ► REDDIT ► —————– —- ———————————————- —- ———— Discover Reece the Editor on: YOUTUBE ► TWITTER ► ———————— — ———————————————– — —— Discover the Tomleggosaurus Animator on: YOUTUBE ► ——————————– — ———————————————– – Thanks for watching and scrolling! #Football #Football #Hashtags

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